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Have students write their own movie review with this fun lesson plan and worksheet

The words “movie day” probably evoke fond memories from our own international journal childhoods: Teachers rolling out the TV/VCR cart; the classroom lights flickering out; everyone scooting their desks to get a better view or a seat near a friend; and, if we were lucky, maybe even the smell of freshly microwaved popcorn. Today, when it comes to watching movies in school, the technology has changed (no more squinting to see a tiny TV in the corner!), but our students love movie days just the same — if not more.
Sometimes showing a movie in class is just the right call. Some movies can help illustrate big, complex ideas. Others help us explore detailed topics in ways that just aren’t possible otherwise. And the best movies help us enrich students’ learning about the much wider world outside of our classroom’s walls.

And to top it off, classroom movies are a great way to help students practice their media literacy skills. Active viewing is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s something all students can practice and learn. And in today’s media-saturated world, kids need all the help they can get when it comes to different ways of thinking about what they’re seeing on screens of all sizes.

Fun Neutrals That Aren’t Beige

If you’re working with interior desain clients who want to keep things simple without being too bland, there are a few tricks you can try when it comes to selecting a color palette. Many clients are turned off by the idea of a beige look because it seems uninteresting and dull.

For starters, it might be worth explaining to them that there are a variety of shades in the beige family that are much more visually appealing than the classic color they might be envisioning.

However, in the spirit of bringing more interesting suggestions to the table, if you’d rather avoid suggesting beige altogether, there are a handful of unexpected neutrals that are equally versatile when it comes to simple design.

Purple might seem like an unexpected suggestion in terms of neutrals and simplicity, but if you select a shade that has a fair amount of gray or brown mixed into it, those will work as neutralizers, and will greatly soften the purple look.

If your clients are interested in experimenting with some purple, start by suggesting a lavender or a warm shade of mauve – these are both gentler, more natural looking hues that provide just a subtle hint of color.

Blue-grey is an incredibly common pick when it comes to neutral with a twist. This is an especially practical choice if you’re working on a master bedroom redesign. Not only does this color family bring a very soothing, relaxing energy to any space, it’s also very easy to mix and match with colorful accents.

Again, if you choose any one of your client’s favorite colors but opt for a shade that has the right amount of grey or brown mixed in, you’re left with a more subtle version of that color, which can then be easily used as your neutral base.

This gray-green look has the same soothing effect we mentioned above, and is a popular pick for bathroom designs because of the earthy, spa-like effect it adds to a space.