How Multi‑Cloud Has Become an Accelerator for Digital Transformation

As multi-cloud adoption expands, lessons learned keep coming in. Solution providers are rising to the challenges of enterprises seeking the most review film cost-effective, reliable and secure way to embrace multi-cloud.

More and more companies are pursuing three key cloud initiatives to help maximize value while minimizing TCO:

Modernizing infrastructure
Modernizing operations
Modernizing applications
“We found that 83% of enterprises are already distributing applications across their own data centers, in one or more public clouds, and edge environments. As a result, roles within IT are also changing, with 90% of individuals in these same companies having roles that now span multiple cloud environments,” said Mark Lohmeyer, SVP and General Manager of the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, during VMware Explore 2022.

“We’re living now in a much more distributed, multi-cloud world,” Lohmeyer continued. “However, with this distributed environment comes a whole new set of challenges, because we now have these disparate cloud operating models, skillsets, tools and processes, SLAs, and security models.”

In many environments, that can lead to greater risk, longer time-to-value and higher cost.

“One question we’re often asked is, ‘What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of VMware Cloud running as a native service in a public cloud compared to alternatives?’” Lohmeyer said.

VMware studied the question with hundreds of VMware Cloud users and discovered that TCO can be 67% lower with VMware Cloud.1 Customers need to look not only at the technology costs but all the enterprise-class support and workload migration costs. Because VMware has both private and public cloud services, it’s a lot easier and faster for customers to move their SDDC/private-cloud workloads to VMware Cloud on public clouds. This helps create a virtuous cycle in which more companies embrace multi-cloud architectures while freeing up investment for new innovation initiatives.

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